As an AALARA Member you will be provided with the latest information and contacts from insurance underwriters who work closely with the Amusement, Events and Recreation industry to provide you with a variety of public and product liability insurance cover to suit the needs of your business.

Amusement Operators will be well aware of the situation in regard to the cost and availability of liability insurance in today’s market. Insurance is purchased to provide financial security in the event of a claim. It is vital that consumers satisfy themselves that the entity with whom they are effecting cover has sufficient financial strength to pay claims, not only today but also into the future. This is particularly relevant when considering the purchase of ‘long tail’ insurance products such as public liability where a claim may not be settled for years to come.

When securing public and products liability cover we suggest that you insure your business through an insurance company with a secure financial rating and approved by the Australian regulator APRA. There may be some insurance companies who require risk management accreditation to facilitate an insurance cover.

Public Liability insurance is a critical part of amusement businesses to protect yourself and your business in the case of an incident, but policies have to be worded correctly and suited to your business for them to be useful in times of need.

AALARA is recommending, in light of recent information received, that members review their Public Liability insurance policies.

It has come to our attention that there are some clauses in some policies which could open the insured to the risk of not being covered in an incident. These can sometimes be found in the Certificate of Currency in the exclusions for the policy.

An example of such a clause is:

Exclusions for dangerous activities; where dangerous activities are defined as use of inflatables, mechanical amusement devices etc.

If you are in doubt of the full extent of your cover please refer back to your insurance broker.

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