At AAC we believe that every moment holds the potential for greatness. That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to providing unparalleled identification, branding, and crowd control solutions that elevate experiences to new heights.

As the leading industry innovators, we invite you to embark on a journey with us, where imagination meets excellence, and possibilities become reality.

Australian Made. Industry Leading. Secure Locker Solutions. Using our highly skilled team of Australian engineers, and with all the manufacturing facilities set up on home soil, Advanced Locker couldn’t be more excited about the system we’ve created and all the benefits it will bring to our clients. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved in the last 12 years. We get how crazy and time-consuming the amusement industry can be, we set out to create a locker system that would integrate seamlessly into your guests’ experience. A fast, secure and convenient way for people to store their belongings - yet sophisticated enough to facilitate any type of payment, security or point of sale software.

Arihant Water Park Equipment, are ISO certified company manufacturing finest & innovative water park slides and rides with a setup that adheres to international standards like EN1069 and ASTM. Our 2 manufacturing units in the outskirts of Mumbai are well equipped with the latest technology which ensures products of international standards are supplied to all clients. With 500+ projects in 59 countries, Arihant Water Park Equipment has turned into a market leader and holds the top position in the country owing to its commitment to quality, customer centricity and creating higher value for its clients through time tested products

Asahi Beverages is one of the leading beverage companies in Australia and New Zealand. With a rich and varied history, Asahi Beverages markets quality alcohol and non-alcohol beverages, boasting a strong portfolio of established household brands and innovative, new-to-market products. Asahi Beverages is a member of Asahi Group Holdings, one of Japan’s leading beverage companies, and comprises of some of Australia and New Zealand’s most successful beverage businesses, including Asahi Lifestyle Beverages (formerly known as Schweppes Australia), Asahi Premium Beverages, Independent Liquor and The Better Drinks Co.

Working in partnership with landscape architects, hydraulic specialists and Councils across Australia, our team has extensive experience creating conceptual designs that answer your unique design brief while considering your site parameters and project budget. All Atlantis Liquid Dynamics products have been designed to enthral an audience without overusing resources such as water and power.

Established in 2013, AusComply is a mobile-first company, ensuring system access on any web-enabled device for real-time monitoring of business activities. With more than 6.3 million incident records created across 1,500+ sites across Australia and 15,000+ users, AusComply is a trusted and well tested solution to streamline your compliance reporting needs.

Australasian Leisure Management – reporting what’s best about the attractions and leisure industry in Australia and New Zealand since 1997.
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Axess is an international leading manufacturer of ticketing and access management systems. With our production facility in Austria and 23 sales and support subsidiaries we serve our customers all around the world. Our solutions are used by ski resorts, fair and convention centres, stadia and arenas, leisure parks, museums, sightseeing attractions and touristic transport. In these fields, we offer complete resort solutions, customer registration and customer loyalty programs with social media integration and also numerous standardized interfaces to third-party systems.

A toy company with a simple mission: to make the world fun. Our award winning, family run business is proudly built with this ethos, and our products and brands can be found in family homes across Australia and in many cases… the world (Yes! We are kind of a big deal 🙂 ). Despite our youthful appearance Bensons Trading was founded in 1947 by William Benson Atkinson. A tall man with an even bigger mission to bring joy into the homes of everyday Australians. Today Bensons Trading has grown into a serious force to be reckoned with in the Toy Industry. Whilst continuing our onslaught and domination of the showbag and amusement industry we have expanded the business and are now one of the fastest growing toy distributors in the country (and hopefully, the world).

We take our time to do things right, even when no one’s watching. For us, beer done right means time in the tanks. Slow brewing allows our beer to ferment and mature at its natural pace. We brew without chemical additives or preservatives. No shit, no shortcuts. We promise fresh, all-natural beer slow brewed with care. It’s in our nature to take it slow, because beer and life is best when we do. We opened our brewery doors eighteen years ago to offer a worthy choice. Burleigh Brewing’s quality is underpinned by time, our fifth and arguably most-important ingredient of all. We’re inspired by traditional brewing methods, so we proudly slow brew quality beer for all-natural freshness. It so happens that the place we call home, Burleigh, is also famed for taking it slow.

DOF Robotics, since its establishment in 2006, has been revolutionizing the amusement industry with high-tech immersive VR and AR attractions, as well as motion simulators. Our one-stop-shop service, from project design to maintenance and training, has led to installations in over 500 locations across more than 80 countries worldwide. With patented simulation rides and thematic designs, we've earned international recognition, including the IAAPA Brass Ring Award for the Best New Product. Known for smooth movements and stable synchronisation, our attractions are enjoyed globally. Experience the extraordinary with DOF Robotics at the upcoming ALARA Expo!

With over 25 years in the amusement device industry, DRA Safety Specialists have consistently aided our clients in meeting their regulatory requirements and adopting industry best practices. Our engineers and safety consultants offer a range of expert services, from Design Verification to Annual and Major Inspections, Safety Audits and more. Prioritizing safety and client satisfaction, DRA has served hundreds of theme parks, Family Entertainment Centers, and small businesses operators across Australia and New Zealand. Whether you're in the pre-purchase development phase or end-of-life, DRA experts stand ready to assist you at any stage of the amusement device's lifecycle.

Ecotourism Australia is a non-government, not-for-profit organisation, established in 1991, that promotes and supports the ecotourism industry in Australia through building capacity and actively promoting sustainable tourism operations and systems. Our key program – ECO Certification – was the world’s first national ecotourism certification program. Ecotourism Australia's programs are acknowledged globally for our industry standards. We are recognised as the credible, national peak body for sustainable and nature-based tourism.

WTF? (What the f’real?) Yep, that’s right, you’ve discovered the greatest tasting frozen beverages on the planet, blended to your liking (of course), because we know that when it comes to thickshakes, thickness matters. Back in the day, our founder Jim had the genius idea to shake things up and create a blender that does it all, just the way you like it. With over 18,000 locations over the US and Canada, you can’t miss us. So check us out and remember that whenever, whatever, & however you make it, make it f’real.

GoNap - the only environmentally conscious all-in-one nappy pack in the world, proudly designed and owned here in Australia. GoNap offers a convenient, hassle-free nappy solution for today's on-the-go babes, while also prioritising sustainability in a disposable society. What sets GoNap apart is its eco-conscious design—from the packaging, to the wipes, to the actual nappy itself. We believe that sustainability should be at the forefront of every product, and GoNap delivers on this promise. GoNap is ideal for theme parks, recreation centres, caravan parks, indoor play centres, leisure centres, events, festivals, airports, airlines, and everywhere in between. Plus, we offer a GoNap Swim version, perfect for any aquatic situation or summer holiday destination. GoNap is making waves in the industry, being stocked in locations such as Australia Zoo, Jamberoo Action Park, Gumbuya, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, and The Crocodile Hunter Lodge.

Great Coasters International Inc. (GCII) is a renowned roller coaster manufacturer known for its exceptional wooden coasters. Founded in 1994 and based in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, USA, GCII is acclaimed for designing, building, and maintaining world-class wooden coasters globally. Emphasizing thrilling and immersive experiences while preserving natural surroundings, GCII crafts intense, smooth, and dynamic rides that redefine wooden coaster technology. Incorporating banked turns, airtime hills, inversions, and steep drops, GCII's coasters often integrate with terrain, blending seamlessly into their environments. GCI partners with amusement parks worldwide, offering maintenance and refurbishment services to ensure coaster longevity and operational excellence.

For over a decade, International Ride Training provides training, consulting, and auditing for ride operations safety. Our services include operations training, auditing, interactive safety education and coaching, leadership development, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) development, and general ride safety consulting to over 75 theme parks, water parks, family entertainment centers, and attractions worldwide. With more than a century’s worth of experience collectively, IRT’s management team is comprised of passionate leaders who are experienced in ride operations at all levels of leadership. Our safety standards incorporate ride manufacturer’s operational recommendations and are compliant with International Ride Operator Certification (iROC) standards, industry standards, ASTM International standards, and governing law.

Laserforce is an innovative laser tag company with more than 35 years of industry experience and was proudly founded in Brisbane, Australia. The ‘Best New Product’ award-winning company offers laser tag products, software and support that are trusted by entertainment brands and businesses worldwide. They have a proven track record of success in many FEC locations and amusement park business. The Laserforce Gen8 Infinity system is the top of the line in laser tag equipment. With patented technology, industry exclusives, unlimited customization capabilities, and global customer support, Laserforce is the smart choice.

We all know the importance of water safety. Not just in the water, but also around it. Forever, kids have hurt themselves on those slippery, hard and abrasive concrete splash pads and aqua play decks. Life Floor solves that problem. Life Floor is an impervious foam rubber tile flooring system specifically designed and made for aquatics – where anyone is barefoot. Life Floor has two main features: a) Traction: Life Floor is slip resistant without being abrasive b) Cushioning: it’s soft for bare feet; and if someone does fall, landing on foam rubber minimises bumps and bruises. Safety comes first.

Mascot Enterprise, based in Singapore, impresses clients from MNCs, companies, government organisations, and theme parks with innovative, long-lasting mascots. With a 'can-do' approach, we elevate brand image and experiences. Offering a comprehensive one-stop solution, including in-house production, from advice to storage, Mascot Enterprise ensures convenient mascot ownership. We confidently take on challenging projects, using 'can-do' mentality and approach to successfully create high-quality mascots that elevate clients' brand image and experiences.

MW Presents is a leading supplier and operator of coin operated vending machines, targeted to children of all ages. We have been involved in the vending industry for over 20 years. We introduced the Wizard Spiral gumball machines into every Target and Kmart store in 1995. MW Presents sells gumball, bouncy ball and toy capsule vending machines, as well as the vending products to stock the machines. Our vending machines, and confectionery are of the highest quality. Our confectionery is imported from Canada and our machines are imported from the USA.

Nola is a Crowd Analytics Software that enables Theme Parks to leverage their existing CCTV infrastructure to optimise real time operations, monitor visitor engagement and improve customer experience. Nola works closely with customers to deliver real time, predictive and historical insights tailored to their venue operations and strategic objectives. This includes ride throughput and departure frequency, ingress/egress, queues and wait times, product engagement and customer journey mapping.

Peters Ice Cream has been an Australian tradition since 1907. As Australia’s most loved and favourite ice cream, we’ve continued the legacy that founder Fred Peters began over 110 years ago – with our diverse stable of brands ranging from healthy and low sugar options, to fun everyday snacks the whole family can enjoy on any occasion – from Drumstick, Connoisseur, Maxibon, Frosty Fruits, Proud & Punch, to the favourite Aussie classic, Peters Original.Almost all of our ice creams are Australian-made in our factory in Mulgrave, Victoria, and still honouring Fred Peters’ forward-thinking spirit that created the foundation for our continuous culture of innovation.

Committed to innovation, quality, technology, and passionate about design, we’ve grown from a family company into a global leader, with 3000+ water park projects in 109 countries worldwide. We’re proud to offer the industry’s widest range of water park attractions. Our pioneering technologies and ground-breaking designs mean that we are the trusted suppliers to some of the world’s biggest, award-winning waterparks. We understand that each and every element within the waterpark matters and our thrilling waterslides help break attendance records for our clients all over the world.

f'real Thickshakes and Smoothies are a frozen dispensed beverage from Rich Products Australia, the local subsidiary of Rich Products, one of the largest family owned food and beverage companies in the world. f'real shakes have been an institution in the US for over 20 years, with over 20,000 installations worldwide. f'real is made with real milk and ice cream and blends in less than a minute. The product is all in the cup. No waste, no mess, no fuss. The Self Serve blender is also self cleaning - minimal store staff interaction require. Blend, Sip and Chill with f'real!

With over 1500 customers in over 25 countries, ROLLER’s vision is to help create experiences that bring joy and happiness to the world.We aim to achieve this by building technology for leisure and attraction businesses that helps them deliver amazing experiences for their guests. ROLLER is a complete software platform for the modern attraction. We're launching an exciting new product soon.
Can you guess what it is?

With more than 400 roller coasters, high-thrill rides, and family amusement rides in over 30 countries, S&S is the international leader in creating thrilling, high-quality rides the entire family can enjoy.

The story of Sartori begins in 1957 with a stroke of genius, thanks to its founder’s ability to understand people’s need for lightness, fun, and happiness. From the technical drawing to the construction of the metal components, to the fiberglass vehicles. All of Sartori’s production processes carry the passion and quality of “Made in Italy”. More than 125 designed attractions, exported in 107 world countries

"Smarte Carte is a leader in attended luggage storage, electronic lockers, park strollers, massage chairs and luggage trolley management. You can find us at more than 2,600 facilities worldwide, including theme parks, water parks and airports. Smarte Carte has a significant global presence, including in the Australian, New Zealand and Singaporean markets. As an innovator, Smarte Carte continues to grow its range of products and services, incorporating the latest technology such as facial recognition and dual sided electronic lockers. We have a strong belief and commitment to drive forward, deliver excellent service, and adapt for an environmentally sustainable future."

SODIKART is the world leader in the karting industry, working with more than 1500 customers on 5 continents. They have built their reputation on an audacious development strategy, exclusive innovations supported by numerous patents and an unwavering dedication to excellence in client service.

SST is a Dubai based international company offering globally recognized safety training programs from Ellis & Associates and consultancy for aquatic facilities. SST is the exclusive provider of Jeff Ellis & Associates products and services outside the United States. Directors, Richard Carroll and Scott Deisley began their affiliation with Jeff Ellis & Associates in 1987, when they worked together at Raging Waters in Wildwood, New Jersey.

Get ready to capture memories that will make you smile for years to come by hiring Stay Captured's photo booth service for your upcoming event. At Stay Captured, we believe in creating an experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Our 360 Video Booth, Step onto the centre stage and get ready for an unforgettable performance! Our 360 booth will revolve around you, capturing every angle and moment. After your performance, visit our social station to instantly view and share your video with the world.

"Swimplex Aquatics are a world-class company dedicated to the commercial pool, water slide industry. We are Australian market leaders servicing all states Australia wide. Swimplex provide a full comprehensive water slide package from design, engineering through to civil works, installation and after sales service. We can deliver an innovative water slide project for any budget. Our specialist services include; pool construction, renovation, refurbishment, filtration, heating, waterslides and the manufacture of innovative pool products. Our extensive experience and expertise combined with quality and value means you can be assured of a first class outcome."

Our affinity with an outdoors lifestyle & beach culture is entrenched in everything we do at Tank Stream Design. The success of our family of brands is based on the ability to continuously provide new and creative products with quality and attention to detail in mind. Stocked in major retailers including resort stores, giftware stores, pharmacies, airports and children’s boutiques, our brands are market leaders in their categories and continue to develop under the vision of our creative team who live and breathe the outdoor lifestyle.

Theme Park Support (TPS) is part of the Aerotest Group and was formed to support the local Theme Parks on the Gold Coast. Using over 25 years of aviation experience from Sister Company Plane Support, TPS tailor’s expert services to support theme park operators with engineering and technical services to maintain both wet and dry parks. With a long history in aviation and the supply of engineering and manufacturing solutions under Plane Support, directors Jason Hazell and Fraser Wright are well experienced and equipped to provide the highest quality of manufacturing, maintenance and safety solutions to Theme park operators.

Trendline Group has been providing complete commercial furniture solutions since 1999. We are a family business, dedicated to sourcing the highest quality brands & products. We’ll help you transform your venue & grow your business, with practical, stylish furniture solutions. We offer service design & fit out solutions for commercial clients right across the country. With a sought-after range of stylish, high-quality furniture to help enhance the comfort and aesthetics of any venue. We’re a family owned and operated local Australian business & have been proudly servicing clients since for over 20 years.

"Vekoma Rides is one of the largest manufacturers in the world of roller coasters & attractions and a market leader in the industry. Vekoma Rides is known for its quality and innovation as reflected in the many installed family & thrill coasters and special attractions. With in-house disciplines from Sales, R&D, Engineering, Production, Project Management to Parts & Services, Vekoma has gained a world-wide recognition with presence in over 40 countries. With its corporate offices in The Netherlands and representations in China, Taiwan, Korea, Australia and the North & Latin America we are easily accessible to our customers anywhere in the world."

"Save time & money with VenueSumo’s all-in-one venue management software! VenueSumo is a cloud-based venue management software with all the features you’ll need to streamline online bookings, waivers, point of sale (POS), party bookings, payments, customer relationship management (CRM), reporting, inventory management and much more all from one easy to use platform. The comprehensive suite of features was developed directly from the feedback of real Australian venue managers to give you all the tools you need to manage your venue efficiently!"

Viewpoint Videos provide souvenir video systems to visitor attractions, using state of the art wearable technology and a fully automated video delivery system. Souvenir videos are a popular product for operators of ziplines, amusement rides, water based activities, mountain coasters and driving experiences. Enabling operators to sell branded videos to their guests, delivered directly to their devices, instantly available to share with friends and family across social media. Video sales are a proven way to increase secondary spend while also increasing organic marketing reach by guests sharing their experiences online.

Innovative aquatic experiences from the thought leaders at Water Technology, Inc. Our industry-leading team of passionate professionals partners with waterparks, hotels, municipalities, universities and more to create aquatic experiences—large and small—throughout the world. From ideating the next big trend in aquatic design to helping strategize operational efficiencies, our award-winning theming and branding has set the standard for aquatic environments. From the Splash Zone at James Island County Park in Charleston, SC to the national chain of Great Wolf Lodge ® Waterpark Resorts, we're experts at making fun come to life.

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